Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chicago Pictures, Weddings, Weddings, Weddings!

Wow, the last month has been crazy! It's been filled with many weddings, the start of fantasy football, the start of ACTUAL football, college football, fall recreational soccer for me, and lots of work craziness. So lets back up a few weeks. I was in Chicago visiting a friend, and at the time I was unable to post any pictures because my blogger skills had not yet been refined. Well here are a few shots.

This was the menu from the restaurant we ate at the first night. Sorry, I have no idea what the name was! The menu had pictures of every item on the menu, and they had DOZENS!! There were pages upon page of this stuff! And a whole drink section too!! Athma and I got some awesome drinks there too (see below).

This is Athma's crazy mango jello drink. She probably knows the real name, but for now we'll call it mango jello drink. They were huge! And we got a TON of food and it was still sizzling and boiling when they brought it to us! I would highly recommend it, but knowing the name of the restaurant would be helpful (oops, I'll get back to that sometime).

The Air and Water Show was this weekend too, so there were tons of fighter jets flying throughout the city and (I swear it's true) between the buildings and upside down. It was cool to watch, but a little surprising when you weren't expecting one of the planes to come by. I wasn't able to get any pictures of the planes, but I did get some cool panoramic views of Chicago. Here's one:
We went to the Shedd Aquarium, which is super cool, and I have discovered my new favorite animal... the Sea Dragon. Not Sea Horse, Sea Dragon. They are nocturnal, and look like swimming seaweed. It's hard to get a picture of them because it's so dark, but if you Google them I'm sure there are pictures. We watched a bunch of movies and ate Chicago-style pizza and had a blast! It was a good weekend ;o) Then the following two weekends were dedicated to weddings.
Wedding #1: Mike and Meredith's Wedding
Two of our friends from college got married August 23 in Milwaukee, WI. Tim was one of the groomsmen, so the whole weekend was dedicated to the wedding. Most of Tim's good college friends were part of the wedding, so it was good chance to see friends that no longer live in Madison. We started with the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, where the groomsmen got Wisconsin footballs signed by the head coach (AWESOME!) and then we went to The Safehouse. The Safehouse is a bar in Milwaukee that you need a password to get in to, and if you don't know the password you have to do something embarrassing that they broadcast to the entire bar. You then enter the bar through a secret passage, and the whole bar is spy themed. It's really cool! We also ordered a martini just so we could watch them send it in a crazy chute device around the entire bar.

The next day was the wedding. The church was really beautiful, lots of plants and running water. Mike and Meredith were both walked down the aisle by both parents, which I hadn't seen before but I really like the idea. This was the second Catholic wedding I've been to recently, so I was prepared for how things run (they don't teach us these things at Hebrew school). Here are a few pictures from the ceremony:

Then the wedding party went off and took pictures, and all of us girls went to the Canyon Grill and ordered way more food than we meant to (but it was delicious!). Then the reception started... and the booze started flowing. You can definitely tell as you look at the pictures (not all of the 100 pictures are posted here!). The reception was at a beautiful golf club, and the facilities were amazing. Here are a few pictures:

The reception was TONS of fun! They played a Badger Medley, all of the songs from our days at Wisconsin from the football games, our Alma Mater, and a variety of other crazy songs. I was exhausted by the end of the night! It was so much fun! Tim and I got a lot of good ideas for our wedding, which we should eventually get back to planning! The following weekend we had Tim's cousin's wedding in Arizona.
Wedding #2: Erin and Zachary's Wedding
The wedding was in Phoenix, Arizona. It was over Labor Day weekend, so the rehearsal dinner was on Saturday, the wedding on Sunday, and a brunch on Monday. There were a LOT of people at this wedding, and since so many were coming in to town everyone was included in the rehearsal dinner (about 150 people at least... it was very large). The wedding and reception were at the JW Marriott (which is where we were all staying). I didn't know anything about JW Marriott's, and if you don't know either, it's not really a hotel... it's a resort! There was a lazy river, valet parking was included, butlers to open your car door and let you into the hotel. It was crazy! I spent most of my time with Tim, his brother Dan, and their parents. This was the first time I got to meet his mom's side of the family, including her two sisters Robin (mother of the bride) and Jody, and her brother Scotty. I met lots of other relatives and cousins, and I'm still trying to keep them all straight (150 people, remember). It was a black tie wedding, and a Jewish wedding at that (I suddenly became the Jewish expert that Tim's family turned to with questions). Here are a few pictures:

The boys: Tim's brother Dan, their dad, and Tim.

The girls: Tim's mom and myself

My future family-in-law! We're dressed in our "black-tie" best here.

The ceremony was outside, in the Arizona heat, but luckily it was in the shade. Tim and Dan both did readings during the ceremony.

The cocktail hour just after the ceremony. It was very pretty outside, and it was nice and cool since the sun went down. Tim's mom and I felt great in our dresses, but the boys were not happy in their suits! The dinner was inside, and was delicious! However by the time we got to the dance, Tim, Dan, and I were exhausted (too many weddings). We ended up calling it an early night and heading back to our room. It was a great wedding though!
Finally this weekend, Tim and I have had NOTHING to do! We've stayed in Madison for the first time in almost a month, and we're finishing up organizing the apartment and getting extra things we need. I imagine tomorrow will include lots of lying on the couch and watching football. Eventually we'll need to get back to wedding planning! But for now, we're all weddinged out! Hopefully no one else will get married for a little while ;o)