Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ohio State v. Badger Football

Tim and I were only able to make it to one Badger football game this whole year, but looking back, we picked the best game to go to (including the Rose Bowl in my opinion!). Ohio State was coming to play on Badger turf. It was a night game, and Ohio State was ranked #1 in the country (we were #18). Leading up to the game day I was remembering the last big night game against Ohio State in 2003, my first year at college. They had been ranked higher than us, and we took them down! So we could only hope for a similar upset!! The energy in Camp Randall that night was incredible, it was so loud you couldn't hear anything, and from the first play of the game the Badgers were in control! Tim and I were in the student section, the best place to be, and it was insane. Tons of fun, and we dominated the game, brining down the #1 team! The students rushed the field, but since Tim's ankle was still in poor shape we just watched from above! Here are some of the pictures from the game. Go Badgers!

At an awesome pregame with Justin and Liz before the game!

Shots of the field and the band!

Tim and I after we won with the final score! WE WON!!

The students swarming the field. It was unbelieveable! Probably the best Badger football game I have ever been to! Go Badgers!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Camping at Mirror Lake

It's a good thing that we registered for all sorts of camping gear for our wedding, because we didn't not use ANY of it until Ben and Alex got married (yep, that would be 1.5 years after we got married.... good thing we got all that camping gear RIGHT AWAY). Ha, but the good news is Ben and Alex are outdoorsy people too, and we decided to bust out all our new gear together on a camping trip in October. We decided to go to Mirror Lake, a camp ground not far from Madison. Ben and Alex came down from the Twin Cities, and we spent the coldest October weekend grilling, hanging by the fire, toasting marshmallows, and going for hikes. It was a great weekend, our new gear is AWESOME, and although it was freezing we all had a great time (even Cooper!)

Tim sprained his ankle very badly a few days before our trip, but he came anyway (what a trooper!). He wasn't able to move very well because his ankle was so swollen, so he parked himself by the fire, read Harry Potter, and checked sports scores on his phone (rough life huh)

Pictures from our hike around the lake. It was cold, but the hike warmed us up and it was beautiful!

Trying out the pudgie pie makers, and Alex flinging flaming marshmallow across the way! Thanks for a great camping trip guys! Here's to more in 2011!