Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cooper got his first hair cut!

Tim and I attempted to get Cooper's hair cut in November, and it was a royal disaster. The sound of the clippers terrified him, and he yelped every time they got near him. So basically we paid them to reshape his hair, fluff it up, a stick a bow on him.... great!

So we had to "practice" with him. Luckily Tim, being a guy, owns an electric razor. So we would put him in his crate, set the razor next to his crate and turn it on, and then feed him treats while it was on. Eventually he started getting closer to the razor, nudging it with his nose (cap was on, don't worry), and stopped caring. So we were finally ready for hair Cut Part 2! This went much better. We decided to completely shave him down, since his hair grows back so fast and it's so much easier to deal with short hair than long hair! So he looked a bit like a rat:

We also realized our dog was part dalmation! He has so many tiny little black spots that he did not have as a puppy!