Monday, May 11, 2009

Congratulations Julia and John!

On May 10 Julia graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, OH, and her boyfriend John got his associates degree (maybe not the same date, but celebrated together anyway). My parents and myself flew out ot Ohio to celebrate. Julia graduated with a degree in psychology. Her plan now is to look for a job and take some time off (exactly what I did too!) before she persues a higher degree. We're so proud of you Julia!

We had a great time in Ohio. We started off by going to the zoo.

The orangutans were having fun, and they were even drinking from a water fountain. We got their just in time for the feeding of the sea animals, so the manatees and stingrays were chowing down on lettuce.

The tigers were stalking around too, and the sea otters were swimming around. When I come back in another life, I want to be a sea otter. They look like they have so much fun in there! Well, the ones in the zoo at least, not sure if I'd handle the survival of the fittest thing.

The bears were fighting and splashing around in the water.

On Sunday we went down to the campus early to take pictures early before the hoads of students showed up. Being a small campus, it didn't us too long to hit the highlights. It was a beautiful day, and the campus is gorgeous. Here are some of the pictures I took:

We went to the football stadium, and the clock tower...

and honestly a few more buildings that I know are important to Julia but I do not remember what they are!

This rock is apparently repainted many times a year by fraternities, sororities, and various organizations, so it never looks the same twice or for very long!

To make a long story short, we decided to skip the ceremony (thank goodness, because they are SOO boring), and we got icecream instead (delicious!). Later we went back for the psychology open house, where we got to meet some of Julia's favorite professors and some of the people that she has worked with closely over the past 4 years. It was neat to finally meet some of the people my parents had heard her speak so much about. I didn't know many of them, but John kept making fun of me for eating all the cake (I'm a fat kid at heart).

We also went out to eat at Quaker Steak and a mom and pop restaurant the night of Julia's graduation. Good food, good family, and a good weekend. Congrats again Julia and John!