Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Today Cooper turned one year old! Our little boy is growing up so fast! He now weights 25 pounds, and can easily jump onto the top of the couch in one swift motion. His favorite activities include spying on the neighbors (and reporting back to us on all injustices being committed), sleeping on the top of the couch, wrestling, and begging for food from Tim (who always gives in). He loves to cuddle, sleep on Tim's feet, and break into his treat jar. We recently taught him "high-5!" just in time for the football season! It took him exactly one day to learn how to do it, it's so cute!

For his birthday, Cooper got a few presents. Grandma Court bought him a wonderful travel bed for the car, but unfortunately we got the wrong size so we had to exchange it and we are not able to use it yet, but it will be wonderful! Tim bought him two new "Jeffreys", his favorite giraffe stuffed toy to play with. It took him only one day to rip Jeffrey the 9ths head off (luckily he bought 2!). And one of my coworkers had made a stew with a meat bone, so I gave Cooper the meat bone. That kept him happy for the entire day! Unfortunately it gave him a bone hangover and he threw up a little the next day (sign of a good birthday!) so we had to take it away from him.

Overall, I think he had a great birthday!