Sunday, April 12, 2009

Andrea gets married!

Andrea and Ben got married! Andrea is one of my coworkers from the AIDS Vaccine Lab, and she and her boyfriend of 4 years decided they were ready to get married!

They decided to keep their wedding incredibly simply, but very fun! They had a small wedding with just family on Friday afternoon, April 10. They walked over to the lake from their apartment, had a justice of the peace marry them, short simply sweet ceremony, and then went out to dinner. The next night they had a party in a barn, catered by a BBQ restaurant, good beer, and their favorite blue grass band from Madison! It was a blast! They did a wonderful job decorating, with each centerpiece sitting on a bike cog. It was really sweet, and Tim and I had a grea time. Unfortunately I did not manage to get a picture of the happy couple, or of Tim and myself, but here are the pictures I did take: