Sunday, February 21, 2010

News in 2010

It has been quite some time since I updated our blog (almost 2 months), so here are the highlights so far from 2010!

Thesis Lab Decision: To make a very long story short, I ended up leaving the lab that I had joined, and am now looking for a new lab yet again. With funding being very tight at the university level, the search is slow and frustrating, but I have a lot of people supporting me so hopefully I will find something soon.

New Years: Backing up a bit, Tim and I were able to take a few days to go up to Spicer, MN and visit his parents over New Years. It was freezing while we were up there (-30F when we woke up every day), but we had a wonderful time being spoiled by his parents, especially Cooper, who had several doggie playdates! We were able to exchange belated Christmas gifts, and spent New Years Eve with John and Jennifer's neighbors and many of their close friends from the area. It was a blast, with lots of good food, wine and champaigne! We would have liked to stay longer, but I had to start a new rotation (in the lab I just joined!) on January 4th. It was wonderful to get away for a few days though! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures!

Freezing Fog: I'm going to prove just how big of a nerd I am for posting about this, but I thought it was really cool. We had a freezing fog early in January, which mean that every morning we woke up to ice crystals in the trees and bushes, but no snow on the ground (best snow storm ever, all the beauty and no mess!). I had never seen anything like that happen before, because usually the winter is so dry that moisture can't accumulate and then form crystals this way. I know, I know, but I thought it was cool!

These tiny crystals formed on every branch, every leaf, every berry. It honestly looked like it had snowed, but there was nothing on the ground!

Camp Randall Hockey Classic: On February 6th, the UW men's and women's hockey teams played in the Camp Randall Hockey Classic. They converted the football field into an ice rink, and all us dedicated (read: crazy) fans wore all of our clothes and huddled together in the frigid February weather to watch them play! A group of our college friends came into town for the game, so in additional the hockey game we went out to eat, went bowling, and engaged in general mayhem. Here are a few pictures from the game:

A wide view of the field, and another stunning example of the zoom capability on my camera! You could read the numbers on their jerseys!

Commerical break, and Dan, Sarah, myself, Tim, and Jamie freezing our asses off! It was about 10F and slightly windy! Brrrr!

Valentine's Day: While Valentine's Day is not a big deal for either Tim or myself, it is nice to be able to do something together. Unfortuantely Tim had to work all day, so I made dinner (Thai peanut chicken, yum!) and we had a nice relaxing night once he was done. He also got me an Edible Arrangement (not to be confused with edible underpants), which was AWESOME and delicious! Best bouquet ever! I got Tim a temperpedic pillow like mine (because the one he has sucks) so that he will stop stealing mine, and because they were discounted 50%! Nothing says love like fruit and pillows huh?

My awesome bouquet, and Cooper eyeing it up ;o)

Well that's about all the news here! Tim has been working a lot between both jobs, Cooper has been sleeping his days away, and I'm excited to be busy in my new lab!