Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Lion King

For Christmas my parents got us tickets to see the Lion King when it came to Madison. I have been trying to get Tim to see more shows and plays with me, and luckily we both have the same taste for theatre. We both love musicals if they are funny, and so the Lion King fell right into that category. I have never outgrown the cartoon phase of my life, and my favorite movie is currently Finding Nemo (I kid you not, I never get tired of that movie!). So in May we got to go see this amazing show right here in Madison. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures during the show (my camera is not good enough, and I wanted to watch it!), but here are some of the images that I pulled off of the internet.

The costumes were just as amazing as everyone claimed, but they were not what I was expecting. It's not exactly people dressed up as animals. It's actors and actresses on stilts, swaying headpieces that mimic African wildlife, masks that move up and down depending on the position of the wearer, elaborate colors and scenery! It was absolutely incredibly, and Tim said it was his favorite show by far of all the ones we've seen! If you get a chance, we would both highly recommend seeing this show!

Thanks Mom and Dad!

These are the costumes from the lion actors and actresses.

The Timon and Pumba costumes. They were hilarious!

Rafiki was amazing. The show opened with an entire monologue in a native African language, and the quirkiness of the Rafiki from the cartoon was amazing!

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