Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crazylegs Classic

For the first time Tim, myself, and his parents decided to run the Crazylegs Classic, a 5 mile race throughout the Wisconsin campus. It is incredibly well known because of the number of people that participate each year. This year, the total number of participants was around 20,000!! There are so many people that run this race every year that they had to change the race structure, and allow people to start in waves rather than one big mass. The race is fun, you start down State Street, run up an infamously steep hill called Observatory Drive, run along through the campus, and then come back around and finish in the football stadium Camp Randall! It was so fun!

It was a cool, slightly rainy day, but the conditions ended up being PERFECT for a 5 mile run. the rain help off until the end of the race, but the little bit of rain that fell before the race kept the dust down and the temperature in the 60s, so it wasn't too hot or too cold. Since Tim and I had prepared for this race by NOT running at all (well, I'd been playing soccer, but Tim prepared by sitting on the couch), good weather could not have helped us out more.

All four of us started together, but Tim and I got a little ahead of John and Jennifer. We ended up finishing about 2 minutes ahead of them, with Tim and myself running the race in 56:00, and John and Jennifer at 58:42. With the rain starting to come down, we left very quicly, and didnt' even have time for a celebratory beer (customary at the end of this race)! But we had a nice warm lunch at Old Chicago, and calzones made us all warmer!

It was a great race, and I'm already planning on doing it again next year!

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