Monday, July 12, 2010

Spicer Vacation

I decided to take off Friday and head up with Tim to go visit his parents in Spicer. We had not been up there since New Years, and decided it was a good time to make a visit. We spent the weekend as usual, sleeping in, lying by the lake, jetskiing, waterskiing, and swimming. We went minigolfing, ate dinner at Melvin's and Jennifer cooked us a number of delicious meals! It was very relaxing, and a nice break from the past couple of stressful months of graduate school.

Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures, but here are a few from the lake! I also have one HILARIOUS story. I was trying to learn to waterski for roughly the first time, and without a doubt I sucked at it. So I kept falling and having to start over. We had decided to take Cooper with us on the boat, and he was doing just fine sitting in Tim's lap (who refused to try waterskiing... slacker). All of a sudden he realized I was in the water, and without notice he FLEW off the boat and swam to me! This dog has NEVER even jumped off of the dock into our arms, but in the middle of the lake he jumped off of the boat to come and save me! It was so cute, and I think a touch traumatizing for him! But he didn't seem to scarred by the experience, and he's enjoying being in the water more and more!

Scott and Becky going for a ride on the jetski
Cooper was one hot dog, but we kept putting him in the water to cool off. When he wasn't in the water, he had to be touching me at all times. I was covered in dog hair. Kind of gross!
Tim on the jetski (but no waterski.... loser!)
Me and my baby. He was so tired from all the excitement and hardly ate any food and would not sleep unless it was at night. Cooper had a blast though!

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